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We have a fully loaded 20ft Spray Foam Rig for sale! This rig is brand new – never used.

20ft Mobile Spray Rig

Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation is an exciting industry full of opportunities Top 20 Graco Spray Foam Distributorhowever there are challenges.  The industry requires a higher skilled work force both on the application of the product and servicing and maintaining the equipment needed to spray foam. These facts are taken way too lightly by many contractors and we have seen many contractors leave the industry or cause the industry a bad name because of their lack of knowledge.

Spray Foam Nation has recognized this void that has been created because foam manufacturers are not prepared nor are they created to service and support the number of contractors entering the industry. It’s not in their DNA, fortunately it is in Spray Foam Nation’s DNA.  In fact, we are one of Graco’s Top 20 Distributors.  We provide comprehensive Spray Foam Training, Spray Foam RigsSpray Foam Equipment Sales and Service, and an Online Spray Foam Store.

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20' Trailer Spray RigView our customized selection of Mobile Spray Rigs. Our mobile spray rig systems include everything you need to be job-site ready – including proportioning equipment, spray guns, heated hose, material supply systems, diesel generator and air compressor. With all your gear in one convenient location, you minimize set-up time. We stand behind all of the rigs we build, and we build the most productive rigs in the industry.

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In a $6 billion dollar insulation industry, spray foam makes up less than 10% of the market share.  Over the next quarter century, energy conservation is going to be the most important thing we can do in a world where the cost of energy will continue to increase to record highs. Spray foam insulation is the only true solution to building an energy efficient tomorrow.

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