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If you haven’t seen the “writing on the wall,” look no further than to the fiberglass manufacturers who are – at the moment – trying to get into the spray foam market as manufacturers. The fact is spray foam is a different animal altogether. Fiberglass is easy to install and requires very few skills (no offense, if you are presently a fiberglass installer). It is also relatively easy to work the equipment needed to perform the install.

In contrast, spray foam insulation is a complicated system, and the skill level needed to work the equipment is much higher. That’s why TRAINING is so important, and why Spray Foam Nation is dedicated to providing the most exceptional training in the industry.

And before we developed our program, we did our homework. We visited various “Training Centers” offered by foam manufacturers and sought to learn from their programs. We traveled thousands of miles to well-established companies only to be left with a certificate stating that we were “certified,” but without the practical knowledge that would really benefit a contractor. This was both disappointing and unacceptable to us.

So we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. We put together a program that focused on the contractor. Our promise was that when someone left our training, he would leave with valuable and practical information to succeed in the field – and with a certificate as well. We designed training with purposeful learning, realistic applications, on-the-job experience, and a solid foundation of support.

Our program incorporates safety training, such as specific information for a contractor to know regarding spray foam insulation, along with hands-on training. The actual on-the-job applications include density checks, spraying the foam, and working with all of the equipment. Finally the course covers techniques for sales & marketing, along with our tradeshow support, marketing materials and more.

We can certify you either at our Connecticut or Georgia facility. And once you are “Foam-LOK Certified!,” LaPolla will give a limited lifetime warranty on its foam.